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ADVANCED 3DBROWS & PMU by Terenna Salter C.M.M
Advanced 3d Brows & PMU

A Beautiful Investment in Yourself in Oklahoma City, OK

Do you wish you could stop wasting time applying costly topical cosmetics? Let the state certified medical micropigmentologist at Permanent Makeup by Terenna, C.M.M, make you beautiful without the hassle of traditional makeup. With over 20 years of experience and thousands of procedures performed since 1996, there is no touch-up required. Terenna will make sure that together, you and she will create the look of your dreams.

We Set the Standard for Quality

Whether it's balancing out your features, enhancing your eyes to appear bigger and more youthful, framing your face with perfect eyebrows or the simple adjustment in making your lips appear pouty or fuller, Terenna is truly an artist. Be sure to view portfolio and read testimonies from others.
In the clinic of Permanent Makeup by Terenna, C.M.M., we specialize in:
  • Eyebrows (microblading / hairline machine method or powder brow technique)
  • Eyeliner (thick or thin, top & bottom / lower wet line)
  • Eyelash Enhancement ( groups of dots)
  • Lip Liner / Full Lip Color
  • Cheek Blush
  • Areola Restoration
  • Corrections & Color Changes